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Sample Implementation Plan


Introduction, Planning & Preparation

  • Introductory Presentation
    Overview of LT Model and Research for selected district and site leaders to evaluate interest and commitment.

  • Strategic Planning Meeting #1
    Work with district and/or site leaders to assess school readiness, determine scope of implementation, and draft multi-year design. Solidify dates for summer institute and dates for preparation meetings with principals.
  • Strategic Planning Meeting #2
    Work with district and/or site leaders to gain understanding of existing resources and initiatives and create a plan for aligning LT with these priorities during preparation meetings, institutes, and ongoing implementation services.
  • Principal Preparation Meeting #1
    Introduce Learning Teams to school site principals. Introduce preparation tasks and timeline for August Institute, including choosing facilitators, calendaring institute dates, drafting team configurations, and planning for necessary site-level settings.
  • Principal Preparation Meeting #2
    Collect drafts of workgroup configurations and attendance estimates for summer institute (1 facilitator for every workgroup), continue preparations for year-long settings and implementation, introduce institute agenda and content.


Learning Teams Institutes 

  • Summer Institute
    Two day training for district and site administrators as well as workgroup facilitators.

  • Mid-Year Institute
    One day session with all workgroup facilitators to share findings and results across schools.


Ongoing Site-Level Services Supported by an LT Advisor

  • Administrator Planning Meetings
    Monthly site-level meeting at each school.

  • Instructional Leadership Team Meeting
    Monthly facilitator and administrator meeting at each school.

  • Teacher Workgroup Meeting
    Strategically supported monthly teacher workgroup meetings.

  • Regional Administrator Meetings
    Monthly district level meetings for participating administrators.

  • Strategic Additional Support
    LT Advisor provides 1 additional day of strategic service every month to each school (e.g., a second workgroup visit, additional planning meeting, presentation to staff, 2nd ILT, or individual meeting with facilitators).

  • Strategic Planning
    LT Advisors assists with development of LT strategic plan for subsequent school year.

  • Project Management
    LT Advisors take responsibility for all agendas, notes, and reminders related to facilitator meetings and admin planning meetings.

  • LT Knowledge Base
    Provide access to larger LT network of research, examples, and materials.

Ongoing District Level Services Provided by LT Senior Staff

  • District Level Strategic Planning
    Review and plan for alignment of LT with district vision, priorities, and initiatives.

  • Institute Preparation
    Secure input and feedback on planning for learning teams institutes.

  • RAM Preparation
    Debrief and plan for monthly regional administrators' meetings. 

  • School-Specific Strategic Planning
    Think through ongoing support of each school and principal, including opportunities for observation and assistance. 

  • Implementation Planning
    Plan for subsequent years of implementation, launch sequence for continuation, and multi-year timelines

  • Scale-Up Planning
    selection of schools, intro of LT to new schools, preparation for new schools, etc. (when relevant to project circumstances)

  • In-House Advisor Preparation
    Identify potential in-house advisor candidates and plan for certification of district staff to sustain the site level support of LT over time and reduce contract costs (when relevant to project circumstances)

  • Evaluation and Assessments
    Provide update on latest results from LT evaluation instruments (institute evaluations, implementation checklist, ILT ratings, workgroup ratings, teacher surveys, review of work products from teams, analysis of state and district achievement results)